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Most fueling systems in California require periodic compliance testing. These tests are vital for proper equipment operation. SoCal Compliance Services can perform your tests while making sure your fueling system is liquid tight, emission free and up to code.

It is not uncommon to receive a fueling equipment violation or two from a local regulator. Unlike some contractors, SoCal Compliance helps mediate compliance situations by assisting in interpreting any violations and providing a logical, cost effective solution to remedy them.

The “DO” is responsible for training facility employees and conducting monthly visual inspections at the underground storage tank facility. SoCal Compliance Services can provide active Designated UST Operators for various types of UST facilities including: hospitals, commercial buildings, trucking companies, airports, recycling facilities, fuel stations and many others.

Sludge within a storage tank is a top concern for many facilities. The presence of free water provides the medium for microbiological growth. A fuel vendor may attempt to sell the highest fuel quality possible. However, due to a variety of circumstances, fuel may have oxidized, and/or contain water. We invite you to reach out to us for more information.

Protect your fuel stock from mismanagement. SoCal Compliance Systems can upgrade your fleet vehicle data to an automatic wireless system—the possibilities are impressive.

The fueling industry has a very unique set of codes and regulations, which require seasoned fueling design technicians and permitting specialists to interpret them. The SoCal Compliance Services team is confident in its ability to secure the requited permits needed to get your project moving unlike any other firm.

Choosing someone to properly install fuel tank systems is essential to avoiding major costs due to poor workmanship down the road. The selection of a competent, experienced fueling system company—one with high integrity—is your greatest protection from future corrective action.

Let’s face it, as systems age they need modifications and upgrading. SoCal Compliance regularly works with facilities in need of such changes to their existing fuel systems. Click on this link to get a better idea of how we can help upgrade your facility.

Like other facility equipment, your fuel system requires regular maintenance, which is vital to extending the life of your investment. We build long lasting relationships with our clients by treating their equipment like our own.

The removal of an underground tank system requires an understanding of the associated risks inherent in dealing with stored hazardous wastes. The potential of tank system fire or explosion is never higher than during decommissioning and removal. Selecting a contractor who has strong experience with tank decommissioning cannot be understated.

The proper installation and configuration of your leak monitoring system cannot be stressed enough. SoCal Compliance Services has installed many of these systems and has corrected an equal number of improper installations. We provide professional support on this critical equipment.

Maintaining regulatory documents can be burdensome and confusing. Adding to the challenging paperwork, recent changes have required that all documents be entered and maintained on and online database. Thankfully our team is able to assist all our clients with all their Regulatory Document Prep. Read more to learn how we can better serve you.

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