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The roots of our company began over two decades ago. The co-owners, Brian and Dan have been great friends since high school. Sharing an interest in music fostered an early bond that lead into racing R/C cars, skateboarding and attending punk rock shows. We’ve matured over the years as our responsibilities grew. However, our friendly, approachable, low-ego mindset hasn’t changed. This would later provide a strong foundation for our business—SoCal Compliance Services.


One day, Dan received a phone call from Brian. He was looking for an extra hand in constructing a rather large, multi-level play-set for his kids, complete with climbing wall, tire-swing & slide. Dan had the necessary tools, and welcomed the challenge of helping to assemble this wooden monster. As free time would allow, the two of them worked diligently on the play-set. It was a great experience, but more importantly, the building of the play-set allowed for them to collaborate on a common mission.


From this came the idea of partnering to form a new fuel system services company. A company that would be built around the values they shared throughout their lives. Brian had the industry experience and network to lean on. Dan brought a strong business background and management skills to the table.  Soon they were working long, hard hours, out of a small office. Their way of doing business felt right and the feedback from their clients confirmed it.


Today we have a successful full-service fuel system business. Our hard work and positive work ethic definitely won the day. Unfortunately, it’s common for companies in this industry to suffer from a lack of competent management, many times with a focus on short-term answers at the expense of the client’s long-term outlook. That’s really disappointing. For the folks at SoCal Compliance, integrity has been our mainstay since origination, and it remains so, because it’s the secret of our success.


Commercial, industrial, and municipal facilities with fuel systems dedicated to fueling vehicle fleets or providing fuel to emergency power generators, or those facilities looking to obtain this capacity.


SoCal Compliance Services serves clients mainly in cities within San Bernardino County, Orange County, Riverside County, and Los Angeles County. While this is our main area of focus, our reach is sometimes expanded to meet specific fuel system challenges.

Dan Harris



Forever curious and always thirsty for more knowledge. Lover of Thai food, bass fishing, craft beer, and jazz music. Has been known to work long hours without coming up for air. Equally adept operating field equipment as he is operating an iMac. Holds a bachelors and masters degree in business management from California State University.

Brian Burns

Vice President


Blessed with four amazing children (triplets:-) and a growing business, life can be very busy. Often found writing music, grilling outdoors, fishing, and hiking with the kids. Proficient in CAD design and field work with a strong belief in the DIY ethic. Enjoys solving complex challenges and building longterm relationships in all aspects of life.

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