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California requires periodic compliance testing for most fueling systems in the state. Testing is necessary to ensure that your fuel storage tank system is liquid tight and emission free. The type and frequency of each test largely depends on the kind of equipment installed in your facility and the fuel type stored. SoCal Compliance Services understands all the requirements for each unique fueling system and will conduct your required compliance testing in a timely, efficient, and cost effective manner. Here's a list of the most common compliance testing we perform:


  • Annual Monitoring System Certifications

  • Spill Bucket Testing

  • Line Leak Detector Testing

  • Rule 461 Vapor Recovery Testing

  • SB989 Secondary Containment Testing

  • Precision Line Testing


SoCal Compliance maintains all required licenses and certifications needed to perform proper testing according to code. Once testing is completed and witnessed by the appropriate regulatory inspector, clear and complete test results are provided to our clients and the applicable regulatory agency.


Our goal is to erase any uncertainty you may have about whether your fueling facility is in full compliance or not. Clear and frequent communication with our clients and regulators, and attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. So whether you have an underground storage tank system or an aboveground fueling system, SoCal Compliance has you covered. Please contact us for a quote any time.

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