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The removal of an underground tank system requires an understanding of the associated risks inherent in dealing with stored hazardous wastes. The potential of tank system fire or explosion is never higher than during decommissioning and removal. Selecting a contractor who has strong experience with tank decommissioning cannot be understated.


Unused product within the tank and piping must be properly removed and disposed of. The system must be flushed and made inert prior to any removal activities. An industrial hygienist will certify the tank/s as safe for transport prior to hauling them away for destruction or recycling. Furthermore, a geologist must take soil samples in specific areas where the tank system was installed. Once these samples are analyzed, a closure report will be created and submitted to the regulator. Multiple regulatory agencies will need to be involved in this removal process with all the proper permits procured along the way.


This process is rather extensive, fortunately SoCal Compliance Services has successfully completed numerous tank removals ranging from old, decaying and unregistered fuel tanks, to hazardous waste tank systems. We are ready to walk you through the process and will accomplish your removal quickly and safety while minimizing the impact to your bottom line.

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