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Above Ground Storage Tank System Installation


Although aboveground storage tank system installation is quite different from its below grade counterpart, the design and installation of these systems is also directly tied to designer/installer integrity and competence.


Because the risk of fire or explosion is greater at aboveground tank facilities than at those with systems installed below-ground, the selection and installation of specific UL listed tanks, proper tank venting, valves, piping/fitting materials and electrical conduits/fittings is quite important.

It is also more common now for aboveground systems to be designed with fuel piping located below-ground serving dispenser or equipment at a distance away from the AST. These hybrid systems can pose problems to designers and installers who may not be familiar with the best practices of secondary containment and leak detection common to underground tank systems. These systems provide added protection against fuel leaks and potential soil and water contamination.


SoCal Compliance Services has the direct experience necessary to provide your facility with an aboveground fueling system that fully provides for safety to property and personnel as well as the environment. Let’s talk about your AST project today.


Underground Storage Tank System Installation


The installation of a new underground storage tank system requires a great deal of consideration, planning and preparation. A properly designed and installed tank system will function for decades while providing protection to the public and the environment. Initial cost is certainly a consideration, but the future expense due to corrective action of an improperly designed or installed tank system can really impact your bottom line and business operation.


Studies by environmental agencies and trade organizations have shown that improper tank system installation is a leading cause of UST related ground and water contamination. These tank system leaks are more often due to poor workmanship than to the structural failure of the installed equipment. The selection of a competent, experienced fueling system company—one with high integrity—is your greatest protection from future corrective action.


SoCal Compliance Services offers an approach that results in cost effective installation with the integrity required for proper installation and long-term system reliability.

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