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One of the most demanding and arduous responsibilities for fueling system owners/operators is the maintenance of regulatory documents. Operating a fueling system comes with a myriad of documents that must be submitted to your local regulatory agency and routinely updated. And let’s face it; these documents can be quite confusing.


Documents such as the Financial Responsibility forms and the HazMat Business/Contingency Plan must be updated annually, while others need to be altered any time your fueling system undergoes specific modifications. Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans are now required for all aboveground tank facilities. This can be a burdensome and confusing process for many fueling facility operators. Regulatory Document Prep is another area that SoCal Compliance really excels. Years of experience and dedication to the fueling system industry have granted us the opportunity to learn and understand these requirements. This means that we are better able to assist our clients with these obligations.


Recent changes have required all of these documents to be entered and maintained in the statewide online database known as the California Environmental Reporting System (or CERS). Our team is very familiar with this process and efficiently facilitated our clients in getting all required submittals uploaded to the database. Together, we will navigate through these choppy waters.

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