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Leak Detection is an integral part of a hazardous material release prevention. These systems incorporate liquid sensors, tank inventory probes and product line leak detectors which work together to alert a facility of failed piping or tank compartment before they reach the environment. Catastrophic releases into the environment have lead to the continuous evolution of stricter regulations and tighter specifications on fueling equipment across the nation.  


The contamination of underground water supply sources over the last century resulted in millions of dollars in remediation expenditures. This makes your leak detection system one of the most important aspects of your fuel system. SoCal Compliance Services excels in this area. We maintain certifications with all major leak detection equipment manufacturers and our technicians are well versed in their functions and capabilities. 


The proper installation and configuration of your leak monitoring system cannot be stressed enough. Improper installation can cause interference and produce “ghost alarms,” or worse cause the system to fail to alert on potential releases. SoCal Compliance Services has installed many of these systems and has corrected an equal amount of improper installations. 


Do not trust the implementation or service of your leak detection system to any contractor, SoCal Compliance Services provides professional support on this critical equipment. 

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