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Owners and operators of fueling systems devoted to providing fuel to a fleet of vehicles must accurately account for their fuel assets. A paper log, or worse no log at all, will not adequately protect your fuel stock from mismanagement. Conversely, modern fuel management systems have the capability to do so much more than maintain vehicle transaction data. It is now possible to wirelessly download vehicle data (odometer, engine error codes, max vehicle speed, etc.) automatically each time your fleet vehicles are filled up. This data can be fed directly into fleet maintenance software without any personnel involvement. The result—quicker response time for vehicle maintenance requirements leading to greater productivity from your fleet staff.


Modern fuel management systems can also interface directly with a facility's tank monitoring system. It provides the operator with inventory reconciliation and leak detection information directly through a PC. Large operations with multiple fueling sites (sometimes located miles from one another) can be integrated by configuring each facility’s system to automatically report its data to one central accounting office. Just think about the possibilities; not to mention the amount of paperwork and logistics you will save by automating your system.


Not all fuel management systems are created equal. SoCal Compliance Services will work with you to determine which system offers the best features sets and value for your business operation. We look forward to improving your operations via the newest fuel management technology available.

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