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A Designated UST Operator (also known as the “DO”) is one or more individuals “designated” by an underground storage tank (UST) facility to be responsible for training facility employees and conducting monthly visual inspections at said facility. These individuals need to possess and maintain a California UST System Operator certification issued by the International Code Council. This certification must be renewed every 24 months. The DO can be the facility owner, an operator, employee, service technician, or third party.


Since the inception of this regulation on January 1st, 2005, SoCal Compliance Services has conducted this service for many of our clients. We are active Designated UST Operators for various types of UST facilities including: hospitals, commercial buildings, trucking companies, airports, recycling facilities, fuel stations and many others. Our clients appreciate our dedication in keeping their employees and maintenance personnel refreshed of their responsibilities as fueling system operators.


SoCal Compliance provides and maintains detailed compliance binders at each client facility. These binders keep all inspection records, test results, maintenance records, and compliance documents organized and easy to locate. We believe the role of the Designated UST Operator should be much more than merely stopping by once a month to quickly fill out an inspection sheet. For us, the DO service is quite similar to that of UST Compliance Manager. The DO is a partnership with our clients, one that achieves ongoing compliance and assists in maintaining best management practices, and we at SoCal Compliance Services embrace this expanded role.

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