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Professional, competent CAD design and permit procurement is a challenging and often underestimated aspect of fuel system projects. The industry has a very unique set of codes and regulations, which require seasoned fuel system design technicians and permitting specialists to interpret them. The trouble is, each individual regulatory agency interprets the codes and regulations differently and has different requirements. This can make the design and plan check process quite overwhelming.


But you don’t have to become overwhelmed—we are here for you. SoCal Compliance Services excels in this area. When you work with us you get a team that has designed thousands of fuel system projects and has obtained countless permits with CUPA agencies, fire departments, air quality districts, health departments, city departments, etc. We have spent many years perfecting this program and developing long-term relationships with regulatory agencies and inspectors to make project design and permit procurement a seamless and painless process.


Time is always of the essence in these matters. We are confident in our ability to secure the required permits and get your project moving unlike any other firm can.

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